A Long Update Cuz I’ve Turned Into A Blog Poseur

Trying to write anything, as of late, has been, and continues to be, a complete JOKE.

The trip we took over Memorial Day weekend was great.
We saw friends and didn’t overheat.

While on the family trip I did get a FABULOUS pedicure!

Cute toes= partial happiness with my feet. (But then I remember how much I have been betrayed by them over the last few years and I HATE them even more. Cute toes, or not.)

And I got to spend a ton ‘o time with Charlene. (… Or if you are my kids, “Charneen”.)

And then I got to see about half of mi familia. (In this picture, my little brother.)

And on our last night there I got to see two of Char and my OLD friends.

Good tiimmessssss. (Inside joke. I know. I hate those too… but I couldn’t help myself this time.)

These pics don’t even begin to cover all that we did or who we saw… but there are SOME pics that I am still waiting for SOME people to send to me. (AHem. You know who you are. And when I get them, I’ll post them.) All in all, the trip was grand and I WISH I could be with my long distance friends more often. I miss them more than they will ever know and am ever so thankful for the phone, text messaging and blogs. As for now, however, I am going on RECORD as telling each and EVERY one of them that it is YOUR freakin’ turn to come and see ME.
And now I am done talking about my trip to the heat for a while.

My kids continue to grow up regardless of how much I am reeling from the ultra fast passage of time.

Simon is graduating from Pre-School on Thursday and little Helene starts a two week summer camp gig next Monday. I am going to get one whole week where I will know how it will feel in the Fall when both of my kids are at school during the morning and early afternoon. I am MORE than sure that I will blog about my feelings. Just stay tuned.

Oh, yes, there is one more thing that I would like to share with you.
If you don’t keep up with me on Twitter, then you don’t know that Google HATES me. Or, at least, they hate this blog of mine. They have flagged me as a “harmful website” and I cannot, for the life of me, find the “badware” that they claim is on my site. I am becoming desperate to fix this because… um…. well…. it is frigging ANNOYING and it needs to be fixed.

Long story short; I need help.
Lots of it.
The. End.

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